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Below you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers at our center for IVF, egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, surrogacy and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGT) and other infertility treatments. You can contact us to ask any additional questions to our physicians.

Can we make use of any health insurance in IVF and donation treatments?

Unfortunately, you cannot receive treatment via Turkish Social Security Institution or another private insurance company in Cyprus.

What is the success percentage obtained in egg donation treatment?

Even though the success rate varies by the patient’s uterus structure and intrauterine development and spouse’s sperm quality in egg donation treatment, it is an IVF treatment which is 70% successful in general.

How many days does the egg donation treatment take?

The patient receives a pretreatment which can take about 10-15 days before arriving in Cyprus for egg donation. The treatment phase in Cyprus can take 5-7 days depending on the patient’s condition.

How are the donors selected in egg donation treatment?

Before the treatment, the suitable donor treatment is determined for the patient based on all physical traits and blood group. The major criteria for the donor is to be fertile, young, healthy without any infection and genetic diseases, graduate, no smoking and no alcohol.

How are the bank sperms selected in sperm donation treatment?

Bank sperm selection is made thereby considering the patient’s physical traits and blood group.

Does Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis treatment give an accurate result?

99.9% accurate result is obtained because the embryos are chromosomally evaluated one by one as a result of the PGT scanning applied along with the IVF treatment.

What are the factors influencing pregnancy in Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGT) treatment?

The major factors influencing success are the patient’s age, egg reserves, egg quality, sperm quality, embryo development, the number and quality of the embryos obtained in the desired gender, thickness of the wall of the womb.

How long do I need to stay in Cyprus for the Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGT) treatment?

You need to stay in Cyprus for 7 days (1 week).

What should I do if the result is Negative after the treatment?

If there is no pregnancy as a result of the blood test made 12 days after the transfer, you will be talking to your physician and quit the medications; and we will be waiting for the normal menstrual bleeding.

I did not get pregnant after the treatment, how long should I wait for the second treatment?

We advise minimum 2 months’ waiting period between two IVF treatments for both psychological and hormonal reasons.

I had a Positive result from the IVF treatment, what should I do now?

You should inform your physician that you got Positive result in the pregnancy test. Continue your medications as advised by your physician.

When should I take the test after embryo transfer?

Following IVF treatment, we advise the pregnancy test to be made 12 days after the embryo transfer. We have so many excited and impatient patients! We understand your excitement and impatience but believe us that we would never keep you waiting for so long if there is a method with which you can obtain an earlier result.

The result can be obtained earlier but the blood test should be made 12 days after the embryo transfer so as to avoid any confusion.

Please do not take it as a stressful but a nice, exciting, miraculous beginning.

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