Fetal Reduction

Fetal Reduction

The number of pregnancies can be reduced thereby using fetal reduction technique for a healthy future for the mother and the babies in triplet or quadruplet pregnancies which happen as a result of multiple embryo transfer in IVF treatments. Many patients who carry more than twin pregnancy employ this method to have an easier and healthier pregnancy as well as to reduce the risk of preterm labor.

Adverse Effects of Multiple Pregnancies

Most of the multiple pregnancies occur healthily, however some of them can be carrying a risk. The risk of unsolicited status can increase as the number of babies increases. And the biggest risk is the early labor and it can lead to many health problems.

• Nausea and vomits are more frequent in multiple pregnancies because the amount of hormones secreted are higher

• There is a risk of Caesarean 3 times more the normal.

• There is 3 times more mortality risk in these types of pregnancies.

• Twin babies are more likely to be born in small sizes and low weight.

• Multiple pregnancies have higher rate of hypertension.

• Anemia is more frequently encountered during the pregnancy.

• Placenta anomalies, placenta previa and abruptio placenta are more frequently encountered.

• “Postpartum bleeding” problem is higher in multiple pregnancies.

• There could be higher amnion fluid in both sacs or in one of them (polyhydramniosis)

• Fetal poor position is more likely. Accordingly, hard delivery frequency is higher.

• Uterine atony and bleeding risk are higher after delivery due to more stretching in the uterus.

• “Intensive Care” cases are higher in multiple pregnancies.

Fetal reduction is applied on the 11th and 12th weeks of the pregnancy. The operation is made under anesthesia from the belly or the vagina by monitoring via ultrasound. The pregnancy sacs are examined and the sac which is decided to be finalized is finalized by aspiring with a thin needle or injecting a potassium containing medication to the cardiac cavity of the baby with a needle. There is no need to abort the baby after this process. The baby shrinks inside the body and is usually lost in time. The risk of losing the other babies is 1-5% after fetal reduction.

According to the applicable law, it is forbidden to apply Fetal Reduction in Turkey.

Fetal Reduction Prices in Cyprus

Fetal Reduction prices vary by country. There are also travel, accommodation and meal expenses. You can immediately contact us to get information on Fetal Reduction Prices!

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