Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews


We would like to thank Mr. Şevket and all Doğuş IVF Center employees. Now I am 32 weeks pregnant and I am waiting for twins. May God give every desiring person the same feeling… I recommend everybody who wants a baby to visit Doğuş IVF Center.


We would like to thank lll Doğuş IVF Center employees. I cannot put into words how happy you made me and my spouse. You gave us eternal joy and happiness with the gift you gave to our house. Endless thanks to our doctor Mr. Şevket. Now, we have cherub son you’re your favor. We will be praying you and your team all life. We hope all those visiting you will wear nothing but a smile all the time.


Hello, Mr. Şevket. We had egg transplant treatment at your center in June last year… We took our healthy babies on March 12th. We would like to present our endless thanks to you and Mr. Can and the entire team… We experienced that happiness thanks to you. God speed you and make your success be everlasting. Very truly yours…


Hello, Mr. Şevket. Our baby Nursu arrived on the scene thanks to your help. I gave a birth on 01.10.2012. The baby came about 3 weeks earlier. Now it’s been two and a half month. Thanks God, the baby is healthy. We hope to come and visit you in Cyprus one day. We are waiting for a good weather. Thank you and your team. Thanks God we had our baby. May God give everybody their desired babies. Hope to see you again...


Mr. Şevket, today, we heard the heartbeat of our baby in the 6th week of the pregnancy and this was very exciting and happy time for us. We are thankful to you because you and your team helped us be so happy with your knowledge, career, sincere and reliable approach. We really would like to visit you with our baby. Thanks for all.


Hi, dear Doctor Şevket Alptürk and Doğuş IVF employees. I and my spouse are thankful to you. Thank God and thank you as well. This week is my spouse’s birth week and we will have a son. We are looking forward to have our baby. Wish you success in your professional life. Wish you a healthy and happy life, best regards…


Hi, Mr. Şevket. No matter where I went to, I was always told that I would never have a baby but I had a lovely son 01.02.2012 thanks to you. I am very thankful to you. God bless you Mr. Şevket…


Endless thanks to Dr. Şevket Alptürk, we are happier than we could have imagined. Our son Can is one and a half year old. We had a baby because Mr. Şevket is a very serious, real, professional physician who does not leave it to chance.


Mr. Dr. Şevket Alptürk, You gave me hope in the most difficult, critical days of my life. You gave me a daughter. I am thankful to you because you made me live such beautiful times. Endless thanks to you for gentle and sensitive approach and big heart despite your busy work. Warm regards.


Precious doctor Şevket Alptürk and his team were reassuring, attentive, kind and guiding. As a family, we were so satisfied. Thanks to all staff.


It is a center I trust in all aspects. Particularly my doctor Şevket Alptürk is of great significance for me. In general, I think the staff is very good at their field.


Hello, dear Mr. Şevket, thank you and your team. We had our baby and we are so happy, and I am sending our baby’s pictures to you. Warm Regards.


We are very thankful to you, Mr. Şevket… From its earliest days, I never experienced any adverse things in my treatment… All of the employees are smiling and very patient. I cannot believe that I experienced that good feeling to become a mother, I always thought that I could never live that. I and my spouse are so happy thanks to you… Wish you a healthy and lovely life with your beloved ones…

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