Tandem Cycle

Under Which Conditions Should Tandem Cycle Be Selected?

Tandem Treatment is an IVF process preferred by our patients who have had several number of failed IVF attempts before and want to give the last chance to their eggs. In this treatment, few and insufficient number of eggs are increased and promoted by donor eggs.

Treatment Phases:

During the treatment, needle treatment is started for the development of the future mother’s own eggs. The young, healthy and fertility-proven donor is treated simultaneously. Once the eggs are ready, first the patient and then the donor are taken to the egg collection process. Collected eggs are individually fertilized with the sperm sample taken from the future father. On the 5th day after the embryo development, the embryos with the highest pregnancy potential are mixed and the transfer is made.

Advantages of Tandem Cycle:

• The patient seizes the chance to be treated with her own egg for the last time before the donation treatment.

• The success of the treatment increases because the donor’s egg is used.

• The process is not cancelled when there is no development in the patient’s own egg. It is completed in the form of egg donation.

Necessary Examination and Information for the Tandem (IVF and Egg Donation) Treatment:

Tests asked from the Future Mother:

• FSH, LH, E2, PRL, AMH tests to be made on the 2nd or 3rd day of the future mother’s menstrual cycle

• Pelvic USG and HSG Film for the future mother’s uterus evaluation

• TSH, T3,T4

• Fasting Blood Glucose

• Complete Blood Count

• Urea, SGPT, SGOT

• HbsAg, Anti-HBC total, Anti-HCV, HIV, VDRL tests

• Blood Group Analysis

• Smear Test

45 year and older future mothers should obtain a report from an Internal Diseases Specialist and a Cardiologist stating that there is no problem to get pregnant. Also, a Radiology specialist should be visited to have Abdominal USG.

In addition to these tests, the future mother is also asked information about the date of her last menstrual bleeding, on which month she wants to receive the treatment and height, weight, profession and 2-3 photos for donor matching.

Tests asked from the Future Father:

• Blood Group Analysis,


• Semen Analysis (Recommended to be given after 3 days’ sexual abstinence)

• HbsAg, Anti-HBC total, Anti-HCV, HIV, VDRL tests.

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