Egg Donation

What is Egg Donation?

The quality of the eggs of a woman is significantly reduced after 35 years old. Egg donation occurs when a woman who cannot naturally reproduce is voluntarily given eggs by a young, healthy, fertility-proven woman (donor) who is similar to her physical characteristics; thus the women who cannot naturally get pregnant has the chance to get pregnant.

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Egg transplant and egg donation treatments usually have 70-80% pregnancy rate. The risk of abortive outcome or ectopic pregnancy after the treatment is similar to normal pregnancies.

Why Egg Donation?

The major reason why egg donation is preferred is to have a child. But who prefers egg donation? Egg donation is among the last options to get pregnant for women if the dream of having a child cannot fulfilled for a long time.

• The woman has eggs with poor quality and couple wants a biological child by using the man’s sperm

• Women who do not have ovaries but have substantial uterus

• Women who have genetic factors or diseases that they do not want to be transfer to their children

• Women considering pregnancy after chemotherapy or radiotherapy

• Women who has a little chance to get pregnant with their own eggs due to late marriage

• Women with genetic diseases such as Turner Syndrome

• Patients who had successive failed IVF attempts

Egg Donor (Egg Donation)

Egg donation is a voluntary action and usually anonymous donors are preferred. Thus, neither the donor nor the receiver will know each other’s identity. This confidentiality means that the donor will not have any responsibility for the baby who is born from her eggs. You can also prefer a donor who is familiar to you and who can legally fulfill the criteria of becoming a donor.

The conditions that are needed to become an egg donor are defined by the laws and the women who meet the following criteria can become egg donors:

• Being 20-29 years old.

• Having good physical and mental health.

• Having normal Body Mass Index.

• HIV, hepatitis B and C, cytomegalovirus, syphilis, Chlamydia scanning.

• Karyotype analysis, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia and cystic fibrosis scanning.

• Signing a contract to allow the use of her eggs.

Egg Donation Success Factors

In egg donation, success depends on several factors including egg donor’s age, egg’s quality, sperm quality, receiver’s uterus health and general health.

Why Should I Choose Doğuş IVF Center for Egg Donation?

There is no waiting time in egg donation treatment at our center in Cyprus. Young, healthy and fertile donors are meticulously selected and scanned for all contagious and genetic diseases in the treatment programs. Since the egg cells which are obtained from the same donor are used for a single patient only (single donor single patient) the possibility of siblings’ encountering is minimized. Egg donation treatment is the most frequently employed treatment among the IVF treatments at our center by the families and it is also the IVF treatment with the highest chance of success.

Today, thousands of families who are treated at our center are happy to have their healthy babies. The reason why our center is the most preferred is because we have successful results and positive references and recommendations by our patients.

Receiver’s Pretreatment and Follow-up in Egg Donation Treatment

All medical history, blood group and physical characteristics of the patient are considered in order to determine the suitable egg donor in egg donation treatment. Necessary tests, information and examination results are requested from the patient. If the test results are suitable for pregnancy, the planning is made for the treatment month determined by the family for the egg donation treatment.

Primarily, the suitable donor is determined in accordance with the future mother’s physical characteristics and blood group. And then, menstrual synchronization is made between the future mother and the donor, and we will be waiting for their menstrual cycle. The treatment preparation starts once the future mother’s menstrual cycle starts. If the future mother does not have any menstrual cycle, the preparation protocol is determined based on the suitable donor’s menstrual cycle. The patient completes her pretreatment period with her own doctor or a doctor to be recommended by us.

The pretreatment period takes about 12-20 days based on the way of treatment. Tests asked from the Future Mother:

1. FSH, LH, E2 and PRL (To be made on the 2nd or 3rd of the menstrual bleeding)

2. TSH, T3, T4 tests

3. Complete Blood Count

4. Fasting Blood Glucose

5. Urea, SGOT, SGPT


7. Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D

8. Blood Group Analysis

9. HbsAg, Anti-HBc total, Anti-HCV, HIV, VDRL

10. Pelvic Ultrasound Report, (USG or HSG)

Information asked from the Future Mother:

1. Last date of menstrual cycle (first day)

2. Photo to determine donor based on your physical traits,

3. Decision of your treatment period

In addition to the above tests, the following are necessary for future mothers who are 45 years and older;

1. A report from a Cardiologist stating that she is healthy, there is no problem to get pregnant in cardiological terms (EKO and EKG are essential.)

2. A report from an Internal Diseases Specialist stating that she is healthy, there is no problem to get pregnant in terms of internal diseases.

3. Abdominal USG report from a radiology specialist.

Tests asked from the Future Father:

1. Semen Analysis, (To be made after 3 days’ sexual abstinence.)

2. Blood Group Analysis,

3. HbsAg, Anti-HBc total, Anti-HCV, HIV, VDRL tests,

4. FSH, LH.

Egg Donation Treatment Process in Cyprus

After the synchronized completion of the preliminary preparation of the future mother and the donor, the treatment date is determined and the couple’s 1-week treatment in Cyprus is organized.

1st Day Since your travel to Cyprus is planned 1 day before the donor’s egg collection process, the first day you will be taken from the Airport to the Hotel and take a rest all day.

2nd Day The eggs are collected from the egg donor who is prepared for your treatment. Sperm sample is taken from the future mother. The egg and sperm cells are fertilized in the laboratory and the embryos are formed. The future mother’s endometrium thickness is measured and additional medications are started in the treatment.

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th day Since this process is embryo development phase, the patients do not need to stay at the hospital. During this time, the patients have moral support in the beautiful Cyprus setting.

7th Day In order to increase the pregnancy rate and reduce the risk of multiple pregnancies, your transfer is made on this day which the 5th day of embryo development. In the laboratory, 2-3 embryos with the best development quality are selected and prepared for the transfer. Any remaining embryos with good quality can be frozen and kept to be siblings to your child in the future. Embryo freezing diminishes the high price of egg donation in case of any failure in the treatment and it also becomes a solution for your request to have a full sibling to your baby after the first pregnancy.

8th Day You are ready to return after the treatment. You will be taken to the airport with your private driver based on your flight hours.

Process Following the Egg Donation

After the egg donation treatment, the pregnancy result is determined by Bhcg hormone analysis made in the blood 12 days after the embryo transfer. The waiting period after the embryo transfer is very sensitive, so the future mother should avoid tiring and heavy duty.

Reviews by Egg Donation Receivers

If you are interested in egg donation, you may want to read the reviews by egg donation receivers. Thus, you will be witnessing firsthand instead of a technical perspective. You may see the reviews by egg donation receivers on the internet.

Egg Transplant Prices in Cyprus in 2023

Egg transplant prices vary by country. There are also travel, accommodation and meal expenses. You can immediately contact us to get information on egg transplant prices in Cyprus in 2023!

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