TESA – TESE (Methods of Sperm Research from the Testes)

When no sperm cell is detected (Azoospermic patients) as a result of Semen Analyssi, sperm cell can be searched from the testes through TESA – TESE – Micro TESE. Pregnancy can occur by uniting sperm cells obtained with egg cells via microinjection method just like in standard IVF treatment.

Methods of sperm search from the testes, TESA – TESE – Micro TESE applications are made by our urologist at our hospital. Both testes are anesthetized and general anesthesia can also be applied if the patients demands so. The liquid is pulled from the testis tissue via aspiration by using a needle and an injector and sperm presence is checked under microscope.

If no sperm is found by aspiration, TESE is applied. If no sperm is found at the end of TESA, TESE or Micro TESE is applied. In this method, the external layers protecting the testis and the testis tissue is opened and small parts of tissues are removed from several parts; and these parts are thoroughly eluted and examined under the microscope.

Any sperm found after the treatment can be frozen and kept in order to avoid the same process later on. If no sperm is found afterwards and if the hormone values are bad, sperm donation remains the single way of treatment.

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