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Egg Donation Frequently Asked Questions

Egg Donation Frequently Asked Questions

Egg Donation Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Price of Cyprus Egg Donation?

Egg donation price in Cyprus varies based on the applications made and medications used. There are also accommodation and flight ticket expenses. For 2023 Egg Donation prices, you can contact us and get detailed information.

Who Does the Baby Look Like in Cyprus Egg Donation?

In egg donation, the genetic characteristics of the baby comes half from the future father and half from the egg donor. While the future mother does not have a genetic connection with the baby, the baby’s physical characteristics would look like the mother because donors with similar physical characteristics are selected in the donor selection at the treatment phase.

Does the Baby Receive Genes from the Mother in Cyprus Egg Donation?

Although it is not scientifically proven, the baby can have specific characteristics of the mother in egg donation. This miracle is thanks to the amniotic fluid that the baby lives in for 9 months. The mother’s RNA passes to the mother during pregnancy and thus the personality traits and tastes of the baby that is born by egg transplant can resemble the mother.

How are Egg Donors Selected in Cyprus?

Egg donor women are selected among 20-29 years old, graduate persons with overall good health. Selected donors are young persons who previously had healthy babies, produce plenty of eggs, fertility proven. Egg donor women’s family history is researched for mental retardation and psychological problems are taken into consideration.


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